Chiropractic Testimonials

"A friend recommended Donnelly Chiropractic, and I’m glad she did! They helped pinpoint my problem area and corrected it within a few visits. They also provided a wealth of information and techniques to strengthen that area to avoid future injury. I would definitely recommend them!"

- Becky W.

"I love this clinic and am so glad to be back after a few busy months that I could not visit! They truly have helped me get my health back on track. My back and right hip are better already after only a few visits. Additionally, they are helping me manage my headaches (both tension and migraine). Everyone there is so caring. I highly recommend them! Book your appointment today!"

- Brianna C.

"Dr. Mary is so knowledgeable about the body and changes that occur from injury, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. I trust her more than my general practice doctor and can relate to her on a personal level as well. I won’t go anywhere else!"

- June A.

"Super friendly staff. They know you and your body and are very familiar with what’s going on with you. Always easy to schedule and highly professional. I’ve been impressed since the beginning and have been seeing them for over 2 years."

- Ashley L.

"After just my first visit, last week, with Dr. Mary Donnelly I had immediate relief from back pain. Today was my third visit and I am pain-free! Great health care. Wonderful people."

- Sharon F.

"The staff was very friendly and the place is very nice and has a family-like atmosphere. I felt very welcome on my first visit and was seen by the massage therapist for the first time. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable and the deep tissue massage was very helpful. On my second visit, I had seen the massage therapist again followed by the chiropractor. She was amazing and explained everything in great detail. I could not believe the results I had on these two visits and look forward to going back. I would recommend this place to everyone. I wish I would have found them sooner."

- Jeanine C.

"I came in for a pinched nerve. After several visits, my pain was markedly improved. I am now finishing week three and I am back to normal. The Dr also gave me exercises to work on, which are very helpful."

- Ellyn N.

"Very nice and professional people. Dr. Kevin knows his trade well!"

- Cindy G.

"I would recommend this place to anyone who is in need of a great chiropractor. The staff is so friendly and professional. The doctors actually listen to you and give you a realistic goal."

- Amy M.

"I have had a very positive experience with this, my first chiropractic experience. My treatment has been very helpful as I am feeling better, have better ROM, use better body mechanics, and have learned to pace and change activities to lessen stress on my back. The office staff is very friendly and professional. I have been recommended others to your practice if they have needs."

- Nancy R.

"I recently have begun my chiro appointments here at Donnelly Chiro. I will have to say from the moment of my first phone call to now several appointments down the stretch to potential and hopeful recovery, I am as happy as can be. On my first appointment, I learned so much I never even thought of being possibilities of reasons and solutions to my issues at hand. My initial injury stemmed from my deployment to Iraq, and as the years have gone on it has gotten a lot worse. The Milwaukee County VA authorized a few visits and in a matter of two, I can say I do see temporary relief which in the long run can and will turn into long-term relief. The front desk staff is phenomenal, whether it be scheduling or even just the courteous gestures in and out of the door. Everyone on staff is extremely professional and always has a happy face. I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me, but I have a feeling it will be somewhere great with my medical conditions in the hands of my chiro Mary!!!!!!"

- Max Z.

"Dr. Mary & Dr. Kevin teamed up to help me train for black belt testing. They helped me via Kinesio-taping, shoulder work, and recovery from an over-training injury; I felt SO well taken care of! So supported! Thank you, you are my hero!"

- Chris K.

"I really appreciate the flexible hours & attention to detail. Our visits are very thorough and medical terms are explained in terms I understand. I have a whole new approach to the care of my back & hips."

- Nikki G.

"Dr. Mary Donnelly is a mad scientist – her energy & ideas are bursting with progressive care. Her attention to detail has helped my back, neck, wrist & my whole spirit. She recognizes all the nuances of a problem and has 10 instant ideas for solutions. She smiles while she works & she’s helped my whole family for years."

- Kateri K.

"Having suffered back pain for nearly 20 years, I have seen numerous chiropractors. Dr. Kevin is the only one who was actually interested in teaching me techniques and exercises to strengthen my muscles and keep me from coming back for future visits. Thanks to him, I am pain-free and hopeful, for the first time, that I won’t need to worry about back pain in the future. Thank you!"

- Sean Q.

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