I recently have begun my chiro appointments here at Donnelly Chiro. I will have to say from the moment of my first phone call to now several appointments down the stretch to potential and hopeful recover, I am as happy as can be. On my first appointment I learned so much I never have even thought of being possibilities of reasons and solutions of my issues at hand. My initial injury stemmed from my deployment to Iraq, and as the years have gone on it has gotten a lot worse. The Milwaukee County VA authorized a few visits and in a matter of two I can say I do see temporary relief which in the long run can and will turn into long term relief. The front desk staff is phenomenal, whether it be scheduling or even just the courteous gestures in and out of the door. Everyone on staff is extremely professional and always a happy face. I cannot wait to see where this adventure takes me, but I have a feeling it will be somewhere great with my medical conditions in the hands of my chiro Mary!!!!!!

Max Z.