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We are approaching a season that challenges our immune systems!  With school starting, the temperatures dropping, the days shortening, and the holiday season approaching - we are embarking on the most wonderful time of the year! :)

There is a misnomer about our immune systems - many products and services claim to 'boost' the immune system.  This is a false representation of how our immune systems function - in reality, when our immune systems are 'boosted'....we are already sick.  It is not appropriate to 'boost' your immune system, because then you are asking it to work in overdrive, which will cause it to burn out.  We want to debunk the 'boost' claims and shift gears to immune system support & maintaining strong immune system response.

First, we must identify immune system challenges.  Aside from the exposure to more germs as we re-enter classrooms and are cooped up inside, other challenges throughout the entire year include stress, inadequate sleep, poor eating habits, and general aging (see below).  These challenges can make you vulnerable to illness and less equipped to fight.  Maintaining a strong immune system response with nutrition and herbal supplements can help prepare you for seasonal stressors.

What is the immune system?
The immune system helps the body defend itself against everyday & acute stress.  The immune system is a complex makeup of organs, tissues, and cells that have the ability to produce, store, and carry white blood cells.  If there is a weakening in the system, it is challenging for the body to maintain optimal health.

What can cause a less than optimal immune system?
Chronic stress - Over 1/3 of Americans report that stress has a strong physical impact.  Long-term and/or extreme stress can adversely affect your immune system.
Natural aging - As people age, immune system function continues to decline, leaving vulnerabilities to illness.
Lack of sleep - Over 1/3 of Americans do not get enough sleep on a regular basis.  Inadequate sleep is linked to impaired immune system function.

What can you do?
Chiropractic adjustments are a GREAT way to keep your nervous system functioning at an optimal level for protecting and healing.  Adjustments not only help us feel physically better, but they also enhance our ability to fight infection and disease.  Chiropractic check-ups are an effective and low cost way to keep you and your family healthy this season and all! 

Combined with adjustments and a diet rich in vegetables & fruits, immune system support can be supplemented.  We offer an array of supplements, ranging in price and acuity of need.

Echinacea Premium by MediHerb - 40 tablets for $35.90
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Immuplex by Standard Process - 40 capsules for $32.74*
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Congaplex by Standard Process - 90 tablets for $24.29*
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