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Greetings!  The City of West Allis released their Fall 2018 magazine, and on page 8, you will find an entire article dedicated to National Avenue construction updates.  We are sharing their updates verbatim, below.

National Avenue: Planned to be reopened to all traffic by November 1st, 2018.

Stage 2: Construction on National Ave. from 70th-76th will begin on Aug 13, after the end of State Fair.

  • National Ave will remain closed to traffic between 70th and 76th.  As of Aug 13, a new restriction will be in place where 76th St will only be open for northbound 76th St traffic while work is done in the intersection of 76th and National.
  • Southbound traffic on 76th St will be detoured via Greenfield Ave to 84th St to Becher St and back to 76th St.
  • Access to the library will remain unchanged in Stage 2, with the current detour to 75th and Lapham St remaining in effect.

Stage 3: Detours will take effect a few weeks after Stage 2.

  • National Ave remains closed to traffic between 70th and 76th.
  • Southbound traffic on 76th St will continue to be detoured via Greenfield to 84th to Becher.  At this point, 75th St will briefly be closed and access to library will be provided on the new National Ave pavement between 76th and 75th St while 75th St is completed.

MCTS Detour: During Stage 2 and 3 is as follows:

  • When southbound 76th is closed, MCTS will divert their Route 76 on 76th St to use established 70th/68th St route.
  • Rote 76 will be detoured to 70th/68th for the southbound direction only as follows: 76th to Greenfield to 70th to Mitchell to 68th to Becher to 76th again.


Thank you to the City of West Allis Fall 2018 contributors for this comprehensive update on our street.  Contributors include Jenny Kosek, Brenda Schmid, Lt. Jessica Johnson, Deyana Petrick, Jason Schaak, Ashley Tannert, Jennifer Bartel, West Allis Downtown BID, WAWM Recreation & Community Services, WAWM School District, City Staff.