This month, we are giving you a Wellness Wednesday BONUS!  This Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40 days of the Lenten season.  These 40 days prepare us for Spring.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, this is a great time of year to devote time for self-growth.  We compiled a list of 40 acts of self-care to practice once a day.  The 40 Day Challenge begins Wednesday, February 14th and is complete on Sunday, April 1st.  In actuality, the season is 46 days, as Sundays are not included.  On Sundays, repeat an act of self-care or spend time preparing for future acts of self-care.  The list below does not need to be completed in order, it is simply a guide for your 40 days!

Enjoy your journey of practicing self-care!

  1. Take an Epsom salt bath

  2. Go to bed early tonight

  3. Avoid social media

  4. Drink a cup of hot tea

  5. Complete your favorite exercise

  6. Take a yoga class

  7. Spend an evening with your family

  8. Spend an evening with your friends

  9. Spend an evening with your partner

  10. Spend an evening with yourself

  11. Drink 128 oz (1 gal) of water

  12. Meditate for 30 minutes

  13. Make a homemade meal

  14. Begin or complete a book

  15. Journal about your day

  16. Schedule an adjustment

  17. Avoid sweets today

  18. Get a massage

  19. Drink 8 oz of water first thing in the AM

  20. Skip coffee today

  21. Wear a facial mask

  22. Go for a walk

  23. Organize a room in your home

  24. Donate unused items to a shelter

  25. Learn something new today

  26. Spend time outdoors

  27. Write a letter to a loved one

  28. Floss your teeth

  29. Do one thing that makes you happy

  30. Practice a breathing exercise before bed

  31. Take a nap

  32. Live today focused on gratitude

  33. Smile at every person you interact with

  34. Make a list of what you LOVE about yourself

  35. Complete a puzzle

  36. Eat vegetables at every meal

  37. Have a dance party

  38. Journal about favorite childhood memories

  39. Avoid television today

  40. Reflect on your self-care journey