Are you suffering the effects of whiplash?

Chiropractic care can help! 93% of whiplash patients improve with chiropractic care!

neck pain blurred vision
headache ringing in the ears
shoulder pain nausea
low back pain fatigue/weakness
blurred vision irritability
dizziness vertigo

***Whiplash doesn’t just occur in an automobile accident, it can be caused by contact sports, repetitive stress, or from a fall.***

Your treatment plan depends on the severity of your whiplash injury. During the acute or immediate stage of treatment of whiplash, the goal is to reduce inflammation through stretching, trigger point therapy, massage, ice/heat and ultrasound. Once the inflammation is reduced, the pain will decrease and spinal manipulations (adjustments) will restore normal motion of your neck.

Our bodies are designed to adapt, and it is common for symptoms of whiplash to not occur until weeks, months, even years after the initial injury. Restoring and maintaining motion in your spine will alleviate this and many symptoms as you recover.

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