23 - 27 INCHES: Approximate length of adult spinal column

26: Adults only have 26 bones in their spine as some vertebrae fuse together as we grow

7: Both giraffes and humans have 7 vertebrae in their necks

100+: There are over 100 joints contained in the spine

120+: There are over 120 muscles contained in the spine

2/3: The spine is so flexible that it can bend far enough to form two thirds of a circle

17 INCHES: Approximate length of the adult spinal cord

33: The spine is made up of 33 irregularly shaped bones called vertebrae

5: The spinal cord is divided into five different regions (from top to bottom)
7 cervical vertebrae
12 thoracic vertebrae
5 lumbar vertebrae
5 sacrum-fused vertebrae
4 coccyx-fused vertebrae

13: Number of neurons in the spinal cord

220: Number of ligaments in the spine

3%: Astronauts returning from space can be up to 3% taller, gaining as much as 2 inches as cartilage discs expand in micro-gravity

35 grams: Weight of spinal cord