By now you have heard about probiotics and gut health.  There are supplements and foods that are heavily advertised everywhere we look, recommending probiotics.  Our digestive system is our second immune system (well, actually our third, because we have an innate and acquired immune system, click the box below for more information), and we suggest beginning a probiotic regimen!  


Glad you asked!  Our gut health is vital for our overall well-being.  Common symptoms such as fatigue, feeling sluggish, bloating, even joint pain can be due to our gut flora.  Gut flora is the complex community of microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts.  It may give you an uneasy feeling to know that our gut is filled with microorganisms and bacteria, but intestinal bacteria is essential for important tasks, such as synthesizing some vitamins.  Our digestive system lives in harmony when the majority of bacteria in our gut is GOOD, but when our gut is overrun by BAD bacteria, our system cannot function effectively.  Probiotic supplements are packed with GOOD bacteria that can help you feel your best from the inside, out!


There is conflicting advertisement suggesting probiotics should be a daily supplement for the rest of your life, despite that being FALSE.  Probiotics should be taken sporadically or acutely, based on symptoms and diet.  Aside from marketing and sales, another reason that probiotics are recommended for daily use is the assumption that many of us have poor diets and gut flora that is so far from the ideal.  Some people would benefit from an extended regimen of probiotics until their gut flora is restored, but the goal is to not have to take yet another supplement every day.  Diet is THE factor when it comes to gut health (aside from any genetic disposition).  Whole foods as a primary and refined sugar & carbs in moderation, is the tried and true way to wellness for life.  Probiotics are a great tool for acute care - for example, after a vacation or during the holidays when sugar intake is in excess.  Excess sugar is a breeding ground for yeast.  When our gut has an influx of yeast growth, good bacteria cannot keep up.  Yeast overgrowth is responsible for many symptoms listed above.  A high-quality probiotic, taken for 10-21 days is a great way to restore your gut and its health.


Not all probiotics are created equal.  Avoid purchasing a probiotic that is stored at room temperature on a store shelf.  Probiotics are filled with live, active cultures, so a cooler temperature is ideal.  Room temperature + sitting on a store shelf for an extended period of time = significant decrease in effectiveness (and waste of money!).  There are probiotics available that are stable at room temperature, such as the probiotics from Standard Process (click box below).  We are a great resource to point you in the right direction for supplements based on your needs and budget.  Contact the front desk for more information, or send us an email using the "Appointment Request" tab.