1. Stress: Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful!  Your body deals with stress by tensing up, headaches, neck pain, low back pain, jaw pain, etc.  Many people 'throw their back out' every year around the holidays because they get stressed out and do not take care of their own body.  Getting adjusted will prevent injuries; chiropractic care is great to deal with the negative effects of stress.

2. Travel: This is the busiest time of year for traveling.  being in the care for long periods, tensing up while driving in bad weather, long lines at airports; it all takes a toll.  Chiropractic adjustments can help treat injuries from wear and tear of traveling.  Travel tip: pack a tennis ball and use it as a self-massager whenever you need a break.

3. Cold & Flu: Tis the season for sniffles and chills.  Being stuck indoors, weaker immune systems, decreased vitamin D levels and stress can impact your health.  Getting adjusted regularly can balance the nervous system, boost the immune system, promote lymph drainage, and strengthen lungs and organs.  Use adjustments to prevent and treat many conditions to keep you healthy this time of year (and all year round)!!

4. It May Be FREE: Believe it or not, it may be free for you and your family to see us this time of year! Many people still have funds left in a flex account that need to be used up by the end of the year and deductibles may be met.  Have you met your maximum visits?  Add chiropractic care to your holiday wish list!  Gift certificates are available!

5. Shop Til You Drop: Over-doing it when you are shopping by carrying bags and boxes that are too heavy for you can cause shoulder and elbow pain.  Standing on concrete floors at stores can cause back and knee pain.  Be careful when shopping to avoid injury!

6. Sluggish Digestion: During the holidays, we tend to change our eating habits.  We eat more food and heavier food full of starches, sugars and less fiber which can affect our digestion in many ways.  We can become constipated, bloated, gassy or have heartburn.  Chiropractic care has a big impact on our digestion because it affects the nervous system, helping communication with our digestive system.

7. Headaches: Headaches have a variety of causes, but for most people, headaches have a musculoskeletal origin and respond well to chiropractic adjustments.  Stress can be a major cause that causes muscle tension through the neck, shoulders and base of skull.  Over the counter pain medications offer relief, but do not really fix the original problem.

8. Decorating: Are you the type who goes out hunting for the perfect tree, cuts it down yourself, ties it to the car and carries it to the house?  Do you have box after box of heavy decorations in the attic or basement?  Do you perform acrobatics trying to hang outdoor lights?  Do not be a Christmas casualty this year.  Decorating can cause injuries, come in to get checked out!

9. Treat YOURSELF!: If you are busy baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping, hosting, shoveling, whatever it is, you deserve some pampering!  Adjustments will make you feel great and we also have massage therapy available!

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